Arko Olesk

Arko Olesk


Bakalaureusetöö "Ajakirjaniku töö Brüsselis Euroopa avalikkuse kontekstis" (Tartu Ülikool, 2007)
(BA Theses 'Reporting from Brussels and European Public Sphere', University of Tartu 2007)

MSc Thesis ‘Characteristics of science coverage in Soviet Estonian newspaper Rahva Hääl (Imperial College London 2009)

Essays from MSc Course Science Communication, Imperial College London (2008/09)

- Why is Sir Francis Bacon a candidate for the title ‘Founder of Modern Science’?
- Looking for a Dialogue: A Science Communication Event Analysis
- Non-scientific actors in climate change coverage of The Times and Daily Mail
- Visualizing the Invisible: A Semiotic Analysis
- Is There a Difference between a Good Scientist and a Successful Scientist?
- Considerations for Participating in Classified Research
- The Structure of News Narrative: Analysis of a News Story

The Exquisite Corpse of Science - A video made as a creative group project in Imperial (together with Tim Jones and Graham Paterson)

Ajakirjanduses ilmunud artiklite loetelu (andmebaasis ISE)

English Portfolio

'Neanderthal Genome' - I, Science, Issue 11, Spring 2009, p 14 (Imperial College science magazine)
'Sunshine for Life' - Feature article for Print Practical Course at Imperial, June 2009
'Endangered spider named after David Bowie' - The Observer, 6 September 2009

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